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Trial & Ale 30,000 Steps

Trial & Ale 30,000 Steps

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The pineapple is one of the most elbow-throwing fruits in the world when it comes to assertive flavours and acidity. It doesn’t wait in line, ask for directions, or care what you think. In fact, pineapples are kind of assholes. If you’ve ever experienced the joys of carving one up, you understand even better. Our challenge with this blend was to crush the spirit of the pineapple in order to have it behave like a decent member of fruit society. Balance was the goal of this blend. Fruiting rates are not one size-fits-all, so an understanding of the target pineapple profile was key for us. Despite the general constitution of the pineapple it does have many great qualities. The flavour comes from the chemical compound Ethyl Butyrate, which is a commonly occurring ester in nature. Bright like the sun, it’s best enjoyed in pleasurable doses, as over indulging burns. We feel the intensity and level we achieved in this blend is on the mark. In the end, we made a new friend in pineapple.

Size: 473ml

ABV: 7.1%

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