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Polly's Rustic Rouge

Polly's Rustic Rouge

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There was just something about growing up as beer drinkers as the craft beer movement was growing. Being in that moment where everything was new and shiny and exciting, queues around the corner from a bottleshop for the latest hype release, texts from mates to say a first pour was happening and you simply had to get back into town to try it, you just had to be there to truly appreciate it. Whilst craft beer has grown up and (whisper it quietly) joined the mainstream, we wanted to harken back to those days where there was a genuine excitement about new styles and techniques brewers were employing to poke their heads above the crowd. Rustic Rouge is our callback to the wonderful simplicity, but tremendous complexity of the Red IPA; a style that seems to have fallen from the radar in more recent years of haze craze. A single-hop showcase of Amarillo plays off a flourish from our usual grist bill with red crystal rye malt to create a beer that has an aggressively bitter bite, with a bright burst of marmalade sweetness. 

Size: 440ml

ABV: 6.0%

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